Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Slogan Wallpapers, Happy New Year Slogans

This new year has given many things to us and the whole World. Many such things have formed slogans for the coming 2010 to be either as a happy note or sorrow note to get alerted for the coming year. Like global warming became slogan for 2010, the movie "3 Idiots" famous dialogue - 'All Is Well' became one of the common message or word of happiness for coming year. These slogans will inspire people to being positive things ahead so we present New Year's Slogan Wallpapers to fill your work environment filled with positive thoughts, ideas and happiness.
slogan for new yearbeautiful new year slogan wallpaper
New Year's Slogan Wallpapers2010 New Years Slogan Wallpapers

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