Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Daman-e-Koh is a popular viewing point in Islamabad. Its name is a conjunction of two words in Urdu: Daman, which means center and Koh, which means hill. Daman-e-Koh therefore meaning center of the mountain. It can also be interpreted as hem of the mountain. The viewpoint is located north of Islamabad in the middle of the Margalla Hills. It has two picnic spots, known as the "north" and "south" viewpoints, with parking available at both spots. On the north side, there is a small cafe for tea, drinks and snacks. On the south side, there is a restaurant located for lunch and dinner. The south side is a sightseeing spot from where panoramic views of Islamabad are available during the day and night. An informational board, providing basic information about Islamabad, is available. There is a plan to construct a chairlift from Daman-e-Koh to Pir Sohawa which is due to start in the near future.This place is a real trip.... specially the weather is amazing and outstanding, cold throughout the year and specially the place ahead which is called PEER SOHAWA is almost like heaven, lush green mountains, valleys, trees and the smell of the nature is the ultimate trip.... specially the smell of naturally grown merijuana on the hill sides is unexplainable, a must place to visit, heaven on earth.Its a good, safe and beautiful place to visit. It receives thousands of visitors on the weekends. It has beautiful lush green grounds. lots of trees, and gives you a beautiful view of Islamabad city. It is better to visit this place in the evening, when it is dark, you can enjoy the beautiful lights of Islamabad city.Daman e koh is situated on Margala road. On the entrance you will find a Zoo with different kind of birds and animals, than drive towards height road good with curves and height. Use 2nd gear and first. When you reach up to hill there are nicely decorated parks with some decent looking restaurants with good food Pakistani English and chinese food available.Golf cars are available for your trip from car parking.A full city seeing spot is there to watch whole of the city from upside. It is marvelous at night time. You can spend a lot of time by having a tea coffee and snacks or taking dinner or joining a party up on the hill. A great place for couples. You can drive even at more height towards pir sohawa. The best place for having dinner and seeing Islamabad in flood of light.

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