Wednesday, January 26, 2011

잘해봐 - 슈퍼 주니어 H (Good Luck-Super Junior Happy)

귀여워... So Cute...^^

한번 만나봐 알아봐 잘해봐
Try to meet once, get to know each other, do well~
여기 녀석 소개 해줄께
Here I’ll introduce you to this guy next to me
꽃미남 이지만 아직은 솔로
He’s a pretty boy but he’s still single
성격도 괜찮고 의리도 지키는 진정한 친구
His personality’s good, a friend who is quiet and loyal

하지만 지난 아픈 사랑에 아직은 많이 힘이 든가봐
It seems like he’s still hurting over his past painful love though
이제는 니가 작은 빛이 되줄래
From now on can you be his small beacon of light?
새로운 희망이 되줄래
Can you become his new hope

*한번 만나봐 알아봐 잘해봐 (만나봐 알아봐 잘해봐)
Try to meet once, get to know him, do well~
내가 가장 아끼는 나의 좋은 친구야
He’s a good friend of mine that I treasure a lot
좋은 기억만 행복만 사랑만
Create only good memories, happiness, and love
언제나 기억될 있도록 잘해봐
Memories he’ll always remember, do well with him
이번엔 잘해봐
This time do well

Oh, oh baby... 친구야! Oh, oh baby...
Oh, oh baby... My friend! Oh, oh baby...

안될 같은 아픔의 마음을
You probably shouldn’t mind your heart’s pain
다가온 사랑 그녀를 내게
Approache her with love
아껴줄 사랑 지켜줄 사랑
A love that will treasure you, and watch over you
좋은 사랑
That good kind of love
텅빈 너의 조심스레 살짝 안길 여자
Carefully guide your heart with gentle care, the girl you’re going to hold
너에게 필요한거 같아 이번에 진짜
I think you need it the most~this time
잘해 보면 안되나 친구야
Would it be okay if you just did well, friend?
다시 한번쯤 만나봐 너희들은
You two should meet again from time to time
마치 어느 누구 부로울것 없는
End up as a couple that anyone envies
세상 가장 아름다운 커플
Become the world’s most beautiful couple


아름다운 그녀를 만나보면 볼수록
If you meet that beautiful girl more
정말 괜찮아 (우리가 뭐라했니)
It’d be really great for you (What did we tell you)
그녈 소개해준 니가 고마워
You’re so grateful that I introduced her to you

Try your best

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