Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Boy Hamzah Sexy Man Picture

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Boy Hamzah Profile :

Boy Hamzah Notonegoro name for a actor Boy Hamzah. Boy Hamzah born to Osama Hamza Mar'ie Alwi (the late) and Dhiani Listyawaty ex-lover Jenny Cortez was idolized dude Harlino, goddess, daughter Carissa and Al Pacino. and date of birth: Jakarta, February 22, 1989 Height: 184 cm Hobbies: swimming, pool, jetsky, illegal racing and motor sports outbound Favorite movie: any movie starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Tom Hanks Favorite actors: Al Pacino and Dude Harlino Favorite actress: Sandra Dewi and Carissa Putri Ads That once starred Hamza Boy, Among others : * Surya 12 Premium version of the proposal * Surya 12 Premium the bag (laptop) version * TVS Motor TVS production Rocks O * Nescafe Original version * Space Juice.
Men who often times be an ad model is ever administered sexy actress jennifer love with Cortez. Even have also circulated photos kissing lips Boy with Jenn.

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