Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Sweet Sweet Boy

 Well, here he is, a baby boy called Jack. A sweet little boy with big eyes and a comical little face.

After a traumatic and very difficult birth and a 2-week stint in ICU, Cath and Jack finally came home. The home birth didn't go as they had planned and plan B didn't quite work out, plan C was an option but not what they wanted and plan D hadn't even been thought of...but plan D it was ! ! !
We are thankful that Jack decided to stay with all of us and thankful that Cath recovered quickly. Well done Cath and can be proud of yourselves. Cath says that Joel was amazing during her labour and not one contraction went without his hand being in hers for support. Well done Joel!

Jack is nine weeks old today and putting on lots of weight every week, sleeping better and better and Cath is getting used to him more and more. It's not easy...this baby thing! Sleepless nights, constant attention, putting yourself aside for the baby, sore body from labour, sore breasts from feeding, being robotized into a feeding machine and forgetting that you were once a person, missing your old life, your independence, trying to process all this and still be awake to feed.
I am very pleased that I don't have to do this again but really happy that I can be present for Cathy to help her and share it all with her.

 It looks like his hair will have a reddish tinge and a curl, but a bit too soon to tell, I think. He gets fooled by a finger in the mouth when he is crying for food, but soon realises that there is nothing coming out of it and the crying resumes...doubly loud and frantic.
 No, she is not strangling him, this is the way they 'burp' babies now!
In my days (never thought I'd get to the stage when those words actually come out of my mouth) babies were 'burped' over the shoulder, but now the Moms hold the babies' heads and rub their backs.
 I like the sideways glance! "You look a bit tired, Mom, why don't you get some rest?" "Your hair's a bit of a mess, did you comb it today?" "Cover up, you're showing your bra!" "Hi, Mom, you're cute!"
 Proud Mom holding her new little 'package'.
 Feeding, cleaning, changing, burping, feeding, cleaning, changing, burping, feeding, cleaning, changing, burping, feeding, cleaning, changing, burping, feeding, feeding, feeding, feeding, feeding, feeding, feeding.............
"Don't laugh, Mom, I'm really, really hungry!"

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